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“It’s a feeling of incredible honor, pride, joy and amazement to be singing alongside these top tier musicians/individuals...” 

What does being a Phoenix Chorale singer mean to you?
To be a singer in the Phoenix Chorale is a dichotomy that cannot be found in very many professional avenues. It’s a feeling of incredible honor, pride, joy and amazement to be singing alongside these top tier musicians/individuals; yet also very humbling and challenging to be sharing in the creation of art that requires the group to become unified, vulnerable, and completely trusting of one another for it to really succeed at the level we strive to constantly achieve and even push beyond. For me, It’s that thing in life that you love to do, even when it’s deeply challenging, sometimes inconvenient, can even leave you completely drained (mentally AND physically); but when it’s not there, it’s desperately missed.

If you could meet any other artist/musician who would it be? Why? What would you do together?
I actually think it would be really interesting to hang out and chat with this new’ish artist named Jon Bellion. His technique and process of finding his sounds and compositions is very similar to how I process writing music. I would love to see how he gets it all down and organizes his thoughts when inspiration strikes.

What is your favorite song to belt out at the bar / in the car/ for karaoke?
I really don’t get out to bars/karaoke, so it’d have to be car sing-a-longs. Most songs by the band Muse like “Starlight”, “Falling Away with You” or some of the newer stuff. 

What’s you motto or the advice you live by?
There will always be challenges in this life - we can't choose not to have pain.  But we can choose to respond with courage and to choose gratitude and joy over bitterness or anger.  Our challenges give us strength and compassion.  I want to choose joy, every day.

What are three things you can’t live without?
The quick list would be: God, family, my hearing (I really hope I don’t lose this with time). 

My goal is to find 30 people to give $60 in 30 days between March 9 to April 7, 2019. 

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  • Wendy (about a day ago)

    Keep on singing, Josiah! Your voice is a gift from God and I'm so glad you share it!

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