30/30/30 Campaign 2018
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Goal $900.00


"The Phoenix Chorale is for me a community of colleagues and friends whose artistry sharpens my own skills and thereby serves those I lead musically in my church and school. Music is about sharing beauty and calling to what is human in all of us; I receive and give music through the Phoenix Chorale, and thereby have more to give to my students and church musicians, so that we can pass that on to others." 

What screams SPRING to you?
When the weather is nice enough to sip morning coffee or eat Saturday lunch on the back porch.

Favorite spring activity?
Hiking in the Valley, before it gets too hot.

Ideal spring temperature?
72 degrees.

My goal is to find 30 people to give $30 in 30 days between March 31-April 29, 2018. Your support helps us touch more lives with music. Thank you!


  • Susan (about 7 months ago)

    We gotta! Love, Dad &Mom

My Status
Number of pledges received: 5
Goal achievement: 32%
Number of page visits: 223
Days since event: 260

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