We Sing For You!

Nearly 80% of Phoenix Chorale resources go to our people. To create the music you hear each season, it takes tens of thousands of hours of rehearsing, artistic planning, programming, marketing, meetings, and more. All that work is done by our incredible team of artistic and administrative staff, singers, and volunteers. 

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts, and every single member of our team is important no matter their role. Your support keeps our team together. Your support of our people makes our music possible.

Please donate today and help us to continue creating world-class music. Help us keep our people—so we can keep singing for you.

Make a gift in the name of your favorite singer, board, or staff member, and help us reach our goals! We each have a goal to find 30 people to give $50 or more in 30 days (April 4—May 4, 2020). See the full list of fundraisers here >